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Top Tips For Landlords On How To Make Your Tenant Happy

Top Tips For Landlords On How To Make Your Tenant Happy
  • Answer the tenant queries on time – Respond within the day or the soonest possible time the queries. Answer your tenant in a professional and clear manner.
  • Give good service and good impression – Regarding the after sales, help your tenant solve problems in the unit.  It can be from faulty refrigerator, air-conditioner leak, or even having trouble with the building administration. Tend to tenants request and complaints immediately.
  • Always ask for feedback, opinion and suggestion – Ask your tenant regarding your unit, like the appearance and condition of your unit and also the experience. By listening to your tenants feedback, opinion and suggestion you will be able to increase occupancy, unique to your competitor and enhance your good performance.
  • Build relationships – Greet your tenant on special occasions. By greeting your tenants on their special occasion or events, it can made it a more memorable experience. Do not forget to greet them on their special day like birthday, holidays and important events to their life that you know it. It will also increase the chance to have a warm and good relationship with them if you keep communicating and greeting your tenant even in a simple way. You will make them smile or happy by doing this simple thing.

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